Leave of Absense

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, and I feel like I let this blog go to waste over the last two months since I released Blow Da Bricks. Not only that, but towards the few months prior, I rarely posted, and when I did it was lacking of any important updates and seemed very useless. Blow Da Bricks did moderately well (for my first publicly released game) and has been holding a stable rating of 2.8 on Kongregate. Close to the 3+ stars I was hoping for but still, not there. The development of BDB was very long drawn and I lost interest as time went on, extending development longer and longer until i just threw what I had on Kongregate to get it over with. That was unfortunately do to poor design and forethought before development, and I hope to learn from that failure and not make the same novice mistakes on my forthcoming projects.

In the coming months I will be spending by time doing quite a few things. I will be splitting my development time three ways. First, I will be working on a project for the game development club at my school. That will consist of me creating a platformer demo with a home brew club engine (using XNA game libraries), eventually turning into a full Windows/XBOX360 XNA game. The second thing I will be doing is working on is a game for Android that I’ve been sitting on for a while, and finally have time to work on. Finally the last thing I will be doing is creating my own website. The site will function as multiple things, including a blog and my portfolio. Because of this, twentyonepixel, my wordpress.com blog, will then become a thing of the past (and so will the development “team” twentyonepixel). I may sporadically update here until my new site is finished, but I can’t promise any regular updates. Until then, see ya!