Permanently Absent

I totally forgot about this blog. I no longer post here, and haven’t in a long time. I know that no one follows this blog anyway, but I figured I should redirect anyone who magically happened to stumble upon it to my new (over a month and a half old now) site.


Blow Da Bricks has Released!

After a few long months of development, I’ve finally released my first finished game! Blow Da Bricks can be played right now on Kongregate. Please play and rate if you like it.

The First of Many

Hello Readers!

This is the first post on my blog, twentyonepixel (based off my game development team name). I’d like to start out with a small introduction. My name is Ken Goff, and I’m currently a student. I’m going to be attending Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) in the fall majoring in Computer Science. It is my goal to develop video games for a living, and that is what this blog will be for: game development discussion, game industry discussion, and game development journals to keep everyone up to date with whatever project I’m working on at the time. My current project is a Match-3 puzzle game called IPL. I’ll save the details on that for a later post. I have entered it in the PAX10 and IndieCade.

I’ll keep this blog flowing with posts at least on a regular weekly basis for my dev journals. You can also follow me on my personal twitter. Thanks for reading and stick around!

-Kenny G