Dev Journal #10: Crunch Time

This is the final stretch of road for the game. I’m crunching like crazy to get the game done and submitted this weekend. The menu graphics are finally done, as are the backgrounds for the game modes, and the Ludum Dare theme. All that’s left to do is integrate some more features into the Kongregate API, and I’m going to be adding the Mochi Ads API and the Score Tracking API, so I can collect ad revenue wherever my game is, and keep track of the player’s high scores when not on Kongregate. I have a solution for my music problem, that is just a quick fix so I can release it, and that is to just take Mike’s songs and edit them together into longer tracks for the different modes. I’m still trying to fix the problem, but this solution will work for now at least, until I can figure out what’s causing the problem. Besides that, it’s all testing and polish.

I’ve also made the decision to change the name of the game. IPL was originally just a temporary thing to call it, but I never thought of anything that I liked. However, I was just turned onto a new name thanks to a suggestion from a friend. IPL is now Blow Da Bricks!


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