Dev Journal #9: Pixels!

Work Done Last Week:

This past week I worked on all the animations for the pieces, and they came out really well. However, I hit a road bump when I went to actually animate them in-game, and stumbled over that with a bunch of little errors, most of them just from me getting used to animating in flixel. I did get through it, though, and the game looks so much better, and much more lively.

Work To Do This Week:

Unfortunately, I’m very slow with making the art, so it takes me a while to get everything done. Thankfully, all I have left now is to finish up the game mode backgrounds, clean up the menu graphics, and make the LD48 theme. My plan for the extra themes is to start by using my current standard theme and my LD48 theme (I’m going to remake the original LD48 graphics). Then I’ll add in extra themes as updates over time. This will allow me to focus on finishing the game and getting it polished so I can release it by the end of October. Besides graphics, I just have to fix the music cycling and add a few more features through the Kongregate API. My goal is to finish up the graphics for next week, then get the finishing touches and last bit of polish before that weekend (October 22).


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