Dev Journal #8: Getting There

Sorry for the delay, I had a test this week and a bunch of homework so I didn’t get around to posting on Monday.

Work Done Last Week:

I did a lot of graphics for the menus this week as well as finished all the menus needed and made sure everything flows well. I still need to make better backgrounds for the game modes, as well as a few alternate art styles for the blocks. I also got more of Mike’s music but I’ve been having problems in flixel trying to cycle between tracks. For some reason when I try checking when the current track is over, I get errors, and therefore cannot go to the next track to play.

Work To Do This Week:

This week is just going to be more graphics and I’m going to be testing out the Kongregate API. I’ll try to prepare some screen shots for next week’s post to show off how it currently looks, and maybe even get started on a small trailer.


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