Dev Journal #7: Back on Track

Work Done Last Week:

I scaled down the game a lot, mostly in the Campaign, because, honestly, it’s not fun. As I continue to test as I develop, I find that that the Campaign get worse and worse, and the Arcade modes get more and more fun. I’m halting development on the Campaign, and focusing on the Arcade mode. I don’t like that I’m just taking out a huge chunk of the game, and over a month after I wanted the game done, but it is necessary. It’s another learning experience in the importance of good design and extensive prototyping. I’ve gotten more positive feedback about the fun and simple gameplay (even from the IndieCade contest I entered), so the design there is good, but again, the Campaign design is lacking.

Work To Do This Week:

I’m mostly doing testing and debugging at this point. Besides a few small features I want to add, its mostly art, music and polish at this point. And with that, I can say that I have an expected release date on Kongregate of late-October. This week I’ll be working on the menus and the flow, to make sure everything runs smoothly, as well as some art and graphics for the modes of the game. As for music, I should get the last of Mike’s songs this week. I met a few guys since I’ve been at school that are good composers so hopefully they can make a few small songs so the game has a lot of songs with some good variety.

On a side note, mini-LD #21 was this weekend so I spent some time on that. I didn’t have much time, but I got a little done, and have a solid design, so I’m going to keep working on it as a small little side project. I’ll keep the blog updated with new prototypes for it every once in a while, but I’m not going to be spending much time on it, so I’ll probably only post a new version every few weeks. The theme was “Greatest Fear” and I made the game about germs, but I won’t go into depth of the design until I get the initial prototype finished.


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