Dev Journal #4: Some Delays

Work Done Last Week:

I had some problems with the mouse positions inside the flash player, where the positions would be 16 pixels off, so if you moved your mouse onto the pixel “0, 0” in the flash screen, it would register as “-16, 0”. I got stuck on this problem mainly because I didn’t know how it happened, as I didn’t change how the mouse is detected in the code. I searched and went through every line of code and couldn’t find the problem, so I just did a small hack that changes the mouse positions at the beginning of each update. It’s a sloppy way to handle it but I had already spent to much time on it and I was already behind. That and a few other bugs delayed me from getting as much work done as I’d have liked to. However, I was able to flesh out the game more, adding menus and multiple states for the different modes.

Work To Do This Week:

Everything is set up so that it is on par with the C++/SDL version. I need to finish this up by adding the bosses back into campaign, learning and implementing how to add sounds and music through flixel, and putting in the different information displays, progress/timer bars and simple score display animations for the pieces (such as displaying “+10” over the pieces when they are cleared).


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