Dev Journal #2: I’m Making Some Changes

After some thinking, and looking into flash development, I’ve decided to switch the development of IPL over from C++ and SDL to Flash (using flixel). I’ve figured this makes most sense, especially because of what the game is. IPL is a casual puzzle game, and I feel that it would be better suited as a browser game. One big reason is that I don’t have any way to develop this game for the Mac or Linux, and that really limits who can play the game. Another reason is the convenience of a browser game is much more than that of  downloadable game. Plus, Mochi and Kongregate have APIs that include leaderboards, which is good to have for Arcade Mode, where you can post your high scores and compare them to others. I’m looking to have IPL finished by the end of this month, including the Kongregate API integration.

Work Done Last Week

Last week I mentioned that I had to shorten the Campaign levels because they were too long and they got pretty boring. Unfortunately, it didn’t help much. The Campaign Mode needed a redesign. What I’ve done is restructured it so that in Campaign, you choose one boss, and then play a set of levels until you reach the boss. Once the boss is defeated, you gain a powerup. Your progress is stored and you can then use the new powerup (as well as other ones you’ve gotten) when you go to the next boss. Before, it was just all back to back, and it got longer and longer until the player wouldn’t be having fun, and the game would become tedious. This way, you can play through a boss, and pick it up later at the next boss. I wasn’t able to finish the power-up animations because I started to port the game to Flash and that’s been taking up most of my time.

Work To Do This Week

Right now I’m going to be focusing my efforts on porting IPL. This week is going to be pretty tedious, but it should help in the long run. I’m going to once again try to fit in the time to do some graphical stuff but I’m not a good digital artist so it takes a while for me.


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