Dev Journal #1: The Summer Begins

Work Done Last Week

This past week has been pretty slow. I had a lot of stuff to do after graduation, and that left me with a limited amount of time to work on the game. What I did get done was a bit of cleanup on the graphical side. The blocks were too bright and I got complaints that it was hard to distinguish between pieces, and it was a bit cluttered. I decided to simplify the graphics to a very pixelated theme(click on the image below to see it in full size, here’s an older screenshot with the old blocks), and this is good considering I’ll have a bunch of unlockable graphical themes. A simple generic theme would be a good base theme, so I can build off on that later.

New block graphics!

I also shortened the levels in the campaign, because they were way too long and once you hit around level 8 it gets really drawn out and boring.

Work To Do This Week

I’ve been designing a new mode, and that’s going to be this weeks focus. I should be able to get most, if not all of it finished this week. I’ll also be working on cleaning up the look of the game, making sure it all has a matching style rather than the random thrown together mess that it is now (although thanks to the new blocks, I really only need to adjust the backgrounds and logo, as the rest of the game fits together pretty well). I also will be making animations for the power-ups and the bosses’ special moves.


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